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Choosing your home for your family session is the perfect choice for those who want something a little more personal to their family. It provides great opportunities for candid moments since it’s already a place you are comfortable in. For families with young kids it can also be a very convenient choice for impromptu bathroom breaks or mini melt downs where resources are close by.

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Your home is the place where memories are made. Maybe you’re in a house you plan to be in for decades. Perhaps you know it’s just a short term stay. Either way it’s a place the kids will always look back on.

We appreciate a freshly cut lawn, too.

What would a family session at home be without the pups!

There’s that spot in every home that the family gathers for all portraits whether they are formal or informal.

Sometimes it’s ok to break the house rules for a family session.

It’s always a treat to snuggle with the family in mom and dad’s room.

It can be hard to see your home and the space you live in everyday in a new way. I promise there are beautiful places waiting to be captured.

Having just moved to a new home, it was a no brainer to have this year’s family session at the new house.

Perhaps we’ll just borrow the backgrounds from the neighbor’s yard.

You probably know the favorite spots on your property. Let’s be sure to get some there too!

Sometimes just a simple pathway is all we need.

Okay, so your house might not have chickens, but I’m sure there’s some family activity to capture.

A boy’s best friend.

The thought of bringing the pets to a park might be a deal breaker. Having the family session at home will make it possible to include them in as few or as many as you’d like.

The boys love showing off all their fun toys.


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