Family Session Location | Duke Island Park
Bridgewater, NJ

Filled with trails and beautiful landscapes at all times of the year, Duke Island Park is a perfect spot for a family session. It’s located in Bridgewater, NJ and is a recreation area bordered by the Raritan Water Power Canal and Raritan River. Because the park is very spread out, we aren’t likely to find crowds.

**NOTE** This is not to be confused with Duke Farms, just a few miles away. Sadly, Duke Farms does not allow commercial photography.

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A family session for twin girls, mom and dad knew these little ones were not going to sit still for a formal portrait. We needed to be able to capture these trail blazers on the go!

The cattails in fall bring a feeling of childhood wonderment to a family session.

One of my favorite areas, I like to call the Tunnel of Trees, on right, is part of a trail the runs alongside the canal. In the fall it surrounds you with all the beautiful colors of the foliage.

Off to the far ends of the park, a paved pathway for long distance runners is usually not too busy (so long as there isn’t a 5K planned!) and provides us with a nice fence to shoot with.

A tucked away parking lot is my go-to meeting spot for families with young kids. It’s far away from traffic so safe enough for the little cherubs to run around, but also close enough if someone needs a wardrobe change.

Even for families with older kids, this park provides a great simple back drop.

When you really don’t want the background stealing the show, it can fade away to make the subject shine. Note, no real trees were cut in the making of this shot.

If we can trust the youngins to stay on shore, the Raritan River can be a fun place to skip some stones for a candid shot.

Some kids just aren’t meant to sit still. If you have one of those at home, Duke Island Park might be a good choice for your family session.

Above all, the main focus of the family session is get you used to the feeling of being in front of a camera. Capturing beautiful photos might seem like the obvious purpose, but it’s more about the experience. We’ll shift the focus from “OMG I’m so awkward in front of the camera!” to “Oh this isn’t so bad, it’s just us hanging out.”

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