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Maybe you met during college or you just love the architecture of a nearby university, choosing a college campus for your engagement session is a great choice that leads to so many location opportunities! Colleges tend to have some interesting or historical architecture and some fun and funky public art displays. If it was the place you met, perhaps a sneak back into the university library for a smooch in a secret spot.

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Every campus has that one building it’s known for, you know, the one on the letterhead – yeah let’s shoot there!

Many campuses have really neat architectural elements and classic historical lines. When you walk past them everyday it’s easy to forget just how cool they are. Make a point to step back and really see the beauty in them!

Texture! I’m always keeping an eye out for great textures to shoot up against.

Okay, so this is a given, the love statue?! Definitely happening. Most campuses will have a least a couple cool statues.

For the record, this was taken at Villanova University, not Disney. Don’t feel bad if you campus wasn’t this cool looking (neither was mine!)

Steps are always a great go-to.

Remember what I said about texture? YAS! College campuses offer up so many backdrops for your engagement session.

I’m also looking out for great symmetry, Rutgers didn’t disappoint.

Princeton is in a category all in its own. Whether you attended school there or not (maybe you simply live in town) the campus will provide a beautiful classic look.

Along the edge of campus, we can still get a little nature in the shots.

The main focus of the engagement session is get you used to the feeling of being in front of a camera. Capturing beautiful photos might seem like the obvious purpose, but it’s more about the experience. We’ll shift the focus from “OMG I’m so awkward in front of the camera!” to “Oh this isn’t so bad, it’s just us hanging out.” That’s when we’ll get the most natural photos and you’ll feel confident that the wedding day photos will be exactly what you’ve dreamed of.


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