Engagement & Family Session Locations in NJ

When it comes to choosing a location for your engagement or family photography session here in NJ, my biggest priority is getting natural and timeless images. The location plays such an important role in not only how the photos look, but how comfortable you’ll feel during the session. Because I shoot all sessions on location or at a client’s home, we’ll have to decide on where we’ll shoot together. Some of the most popular spots I use for sessions are parks, gardens, historic locations, downtown areas, cities, or even your own backyard.

One thing I never want is for a group to feel uncomfortable or self-conscious being photographed by a professional due to passers-by. The majority of my sessions are during the weekdays, so crowded locations aren’t usually a concern. If we are planning a weekend session, consider if the location and timing need to be revised. Imagine the first nice weekend in spring at a local park. The weather might be great, however it’s usually packed and will likely mean lots of photo bombers in our shots!

All The World Is Our Studio

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Is there a location that’s significant or special to you? A place you enjoy hanging out at; perhaps the library, your favorite ice cream shop, or the playground? What about an activity you do together; maybe it’s making cookies in the kitchen, exploring a local trail, or taking out the boat?

Keep in mind, some locations, like well-manicured private gardens, often require a photo permit. It is the client’s responsibility to check so they can obtain and pay for any required permits. Make sure to check their website before we make solid plans in choosing a location for your session.
Your Home
Your Home - Engagement
Your Home - Family
Duke Island Park
Duke Island Park - Engagement
Duke Island Park - Family
Somerset County Courthouse
Somerset County Courthouse - Engagement
Somerset County Courthouse - Family
Cross Estate Gardens
Cross Estate Gardens - Engagement
Cross Estate Gardens - Family
East Jersey Old Town Village
East Jersey Old Town Village​ - Engagement
East Jersey Old Town Village​ - Family
Somerville Park
Somerville Park - Engagement
Somerville Park - Family
Lambertville, NJ
Lambertville, NJ - Engagement
Lambertville, NJ - Family
Princeton, NJ
Princeton, NJ - Engagement
Princeton, NJ - Family
Colonial Park
Colonial Park - Engagement
Colonial Park - Family
Downtown Areas
Downtown Areas - Engagement
Downtown Areas - Family
Nevius Street Bridge
Nevius Street Bridge​ - Engagement
Nevius Street Bridge​ - Family
Old York Cellars
Old York Cellars - Engagement
Old York Cellars - Family
College Campus
College Campus - Engagement
Bouman Stickney Farmstead
Bouman Stickney Farmstead - Family
Leonard J Buck Gardens
Leonard J Buck Gardens - Engagement
Round Valley Reservoir
Round Valley Reservoir - Engagement

The world is your oyster when looking for an engagement or family photography session location here in NJ!


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