A Little About Me


I love old keys, maps, and anything sunflower yellow. I became a photographer because of that giddy feeling I get when I create a beautiful image. My favorite meal is brinner (that’s breakfast for dinner) especially when it’s apple cinnamon pancakes. I usually laugh at my own jokes and can be found wearing a scarf and key most days of the year.

A Little About Me

It’s hard to say exactly when my journey in photography started. All I can remember is the giddy feeling I got when creating a beautiful image. That’s the feeling I’ve been chasing for the past decade or so. The company was started in 2009 and now, a couple hundred weddings later, I still get to capture new stories of people in love. I’m so grateful to have a happy job and be able to give people the gift of memories. It is my hope that my clients will also feel that same giddy feeling I get when seeing their photos.

My absolute favorite adult beverage is, hands down, the Mojito! I only grow mint at home to make them. They are equally as delicious with or without the booze. Martha's Vineyard is my home away from home. It's hard to visit this place and not fall in love with it. Lucky for me, I have friends who chose to retire here and now I get to visit and vacation!
I LOVE YELLOW! My soul is undoubtedly colored yellow and I decorate with it as much as possible. This flea market find features a quote from Edgar Degas "What a horrible thing yellow is." I respectfully disagree. I don't go to concerts often, but when I do, it's only to see Guster! Casey and I have seen Guster together more times than I can remember and it never gets old. My life goal is to make it to their On the Ocean festival in Maine I'm completely and utterly obsessed with Trader Joe's! When I went to Arizona to visit with family, my Aunt was surprised to hear that my only "must do" for our trip was for us to visit their local TJ's. Friends since we were kids, I can be found horsing around with Leonora & Melissa on my free weekends
Road tripping out to the nearest Terrain to bask in the glory that is all things plants. Preferably with a fellow plant lover like Heather! Terrain is part store, part museum, all awesome.
My 7am Max family keeps me motivated on those days I just don't feel like working out, as I am someone who barely tolerates exercise. Our fearless leader, Stacey, makes the classes fun and helps us reach our goals.
Goats of Anarchy is a sanctuary for special needs baby goats. On Saturdays, they invite volunteers to help with farm maintenance in exchange for unlimited baby goat snuggle time. That is a deal I will TAKE! Treating my mom to King Crab Legs for a special occasion.
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I’m proud to say that I’m a photographer for an organization called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. They offer free professional heirloom portrait photography to parents who have just experienced the unimaginable; the death of a newborn.

The images taken are usually the only photos they’ll ever have of their child. If you ever know of someone in need of this service, please reach out to me.

now that you've heard a little about me, I want to hear your story

I’m Jenna. I photograph the happy stuff in and around central New Jersey. When I’m not capturing a wedding day or family moment, I’m usually scouring the nearest Trader Joe’s for a new & exciting find!

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