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Where to Shoot Your Engagement Session

When thinking about where to shoot your engagement session, it might hit you right away (that spot where you had your first date?!) but for some, it’s a bit of a head scratcher. Having photographed at countless locations over the

Choosing a location for your family session photography shoot in New jersey

Where to Shoot Your Family Session

Having photographed at countless locations over the years, I’ve stumbled upon some tried and true spots with great light and a beautiful background. First and foremost, though, is choosing a location that suits YOU best! Don’t be afraid to think


Orchard Proposal – Conor & Stacy

On a beautiful, and very hot, summer day, Conor had an idea to pop the question with a surprise proposal at Sun High Orchard in Randolph, NJ. The plan was that they were going to meet Stacy’s parents at their

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  • I’m Jenna. I photograph the happy stuff in and around central New Jersey. When I’m not capturing a wedding day or family moment, I’m usually scouring the nearest Trader Joe’s for a new & exciting find!

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